Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue in Heaven

I'm finishing up some UFOs and I found three of these blocks and another one unfinished. I did these back in the 1990s (last century). I decided to finish them up.

I'd like to think that Sunbonnet Sue up in heaven has taken off her bonnet and she's dancing in the clouds. As for finishing the project, I'm not sure how to set them. They are small (8" square) and there are only 4.

I may combine them with some patchwork for a wall hanging.


Khris said...

way to go Kim...doesnt it seem hard dragging out the old stuff when there are so many new things tempting us...agghhh...hugs Khris

SunbonnetSue said...

I found out the blocks are from 1997. Yikes. That's too long to have anything sitting around!