Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunbonnet Sue Fights Breast cancer

Getting the kits ready for mailing...

I spent the day today getting the kits ready for the Sunbonnet Sue Bride quilt. It is really an exciting project. You can read about it here:

First I cut up all the background blocks:

They are all pink, which will contrast with the white of the Bride's dresses. It also is the color of the Breast Cancer ribbon.

Next I sorted through all the fabric from the Bride's dresses:

We got all the bows, embelishments and other pieces left over from bigger quilt projects. Since we are making Sunbonnet Sue blocks, we can use these smaller pieces. You can read about the brides' dresses to quilt project here:

There are some beautiful pieces of lace and fabric in this box! It was hard to cut them up.

I put one background block, some of the bridal fabric and some lace in each package.

Now they are ready to go off to the ladies (over 50 and counting) who have volunteered to make a Sunbonnet Sue bride block. I can't wait for them to start coming in.


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