Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Quilt finished

I made a baby quilt and actually finished it in time for the shower! I started it yesterday and finished it today. I even had time to sew one of the quilt blocks to a tote bag. I love to give my baby quilt in a matching bag. I simply take a purchased tote bag and sew one of the extra blocks onto the outside.

The tote makes for a nice place to store the quilt and the new mom can take it anywhere.

I modified the pattern from a 9-patch and friendship star pattern that was in the book "Quilting Along with Emilie Richards". I copied the soft colors and layout of the quilt in the book. Click here to see the book I used.


Mickie said...

Hi Kim, I was just looking for and noticed it was off. Sorry you closed the site it was a ray of sunshine! Take care and best wishes!

SunbonnetSue said...

It's not closed. I was just having a issue with my server. I'm still going strong for 10 years... longer than google, twitter and facebook!