Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quilt Finished!! Sunbonnet Sue on Project Runway

June 7th & 8th is the annual show for my quilt guild, Eastern Long Island Quilters. The theme of the show is New York. Every year the members are challenged to make a quilt based on the theme. So our quilts needed to celebrate New York City culture (shows, places, people). I love the NYC based show "Project Runway". It is reality TV with sewing machines (what's not to love). So I put Sunbonnet Sue on the show.

I finished the quilt top today. I hope to get it quilted during the week.

Season 5 is starting this summer, so I put Sue on the quilt as the season five winner, along with photos of all the previous winners. The sue is based on drawings done by Jean Ray Laury, who is one of my favorite quilters ever! She did a line of Sue fabric that shows an exuberant, joyful Sue. I have a little of it left in my shop, but most is gone.

The quilt was a lot of fun to make. It combines two of my favorites, photo transfer and Sunbonnet Sue!

I hope you are enjoying yourself this holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love your Project Runway quilt, Kim!

Kathy from the Beehive

Anonymous said...

I see that you "carried on" and "made it work" :) Congratulations on your win! MNJo