Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paper Dolls!

I love paper dolls. In kindergarten my teacher organized a gift exchange for Christmas. We had to spend $1.00 for the gift. Luckily I pulled a girl's name out of the bowl of names, so I was buying for a girl. I didn't know who had my name.

I picked out a set of paper dolls. It was 99 cents, but it was a good set. The dolls weren't printed in a book, but they were in a box. That meant the doll was a more rigid cardboard and the dresses were thinner paper. It was much better than dolls cut out of books.

I was so disappointed when all I got for my gift was a pair of navy blue gloves. I cried on the bus on the way home, wanting the paper dolls I'd given instead.

Now some of those same patterns are available online. Here is a link to a great set of patterns of Sunbonnet Sue paper dolls... I see an appliqued paper doll quilt.

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Lots of fun... lots of memories.

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