Monday, October 8, 2007

The quilters in my family

Last time visited my parents, I searched through some of the old photo albums. My parents have a scanner on their computer now, so I can scan the pictures that I want and put the photo right back into my mother's album. She doesn't like to lend them out.

I found this one taken in 1960. It is my Mom, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. My older sister is the little girl. I was an infant then and I wish my mother had put me in the picture as well. They wanted the "one from each generation shot", so I sat out.

Great-Grandma Whitney (far right) was the quilter in the family. It was the Sunbonnet Sue quilt that she made for my mother in 1941 that got me interested in Sunbonnet Sue quilts. Here is a picture of that quilt:

She used clothing and feed sacks. It is a summer weight quilt with no batting. Because my mother treasured it, it was kept in a trunk and never used. Now I have it in my trunk show when I lecture. I hope Grandma Whitney would have approved.

By the way, my family is participating in the leukemia walk this weekend to support my mother. If you'd like to help out, just look at the prior posting in the blog.

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