Monday, November 18, 2013

Redwork Quilts as Fundraisers

I have a lecture on Redwork quilts.  I show some of the antique redwork quilts in my collection and cover different aspects of these unique quilts.   Several of the quilts in my lecture focuse on Redwork Fundraising quilts.  When these quilts were being made, quilters charged people to have their signatures embroidered on a quilt.  Signatures cost as little as .10 cents. 

After signatures were sold and the blocks embroidered, a quilt was put together and raffled off., furthering the fundraising.

The Michigan State Museum has a quilt in their collection that was a fundraiser for the KKK.  You can ready about the quilt here  


 Not a cause I would support, but it is a part of quilt history.

There are other examples of signature quilts that are used as fundraisers. 

So I was excited to read this in the news.. A Redword Fundraising quilt that was made in World War I has been placed in a museum.  Here is the link:

It is a great article and a great story about a quilt.

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