Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recycled Christmas Ornaments

Each year our town asks the Girl Scouts to make ornaments for the tree that is in the public park. It is always a challenge. The ornaments need to be weather-proof, cheap and easy to make.

This year I decided to use old CDs and strips of fabric. I tore the fabric into 1" wide x 22" or so strips. For each ornament it took 2 CDs, 1 strip of fabric and a little glue. I put one end of the strip between the two CDs and started wrapping it around, finishing up where I started. I tucked the end between the two CDs and put in a little glue. The CD were placed with the printed side in and the shiny side out.

The girls in the troop were pros! They made these so quickly. They look beautiful hanging in the village park.

In fact, they are pretty enough to steal! Of the 25 ornaments that the girls made, there are 8 left. It has been windy, so maybe the wind took some as well.

It was a fun project, and a great way to recyle. The ornament have held up well to the weather.

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