Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Visit to Pieceful Quilting

I stopped in Pieceful quilting yesterday to see all the entries in the old bag challenge. I didn't win, and once I got to see the other quilts, it was clear why. Wow. The creativity meter was off the dial! Pieceful quilting put pictures of the quilts on their blog. If you look closely, you can see mine at the bottom: Click for Pieceful's Blog

While I was in the store I fell in love with a Block of the Month pattern. It is being given as a machine applique class. You go one Saturday a month and make a block. I've never been formally taught machine applique, so I signed up! Here is the quilt:

It is called "Be Attitudes", a play on one of my favorite verses in the bible. So I'm starting yet another project. I know that my sewing skills will improve!

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susan said...

i have this pattern plus the other one, which escapes me at the moment. i have yet to start on one. i would like to do two of each for a quilt and the other for a monthly mini wall hanging. like i dont have enough to do already. the challenge was kool.