Saturday, June 16, 2007

Alex Anderson Insults Sunbonnet Sue!

I subscribe to "The Quilt Show", the new quilting show on the internet. I have been enjoying the videos of quilters sharing tips, patterns and ideas. In the beginning of episode 104, Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims begin by talking about their personal discovery of quilting. They talk about finding patterns, quilts shops and guilds.

Ricky says, “I did not know about drunkard’s path or your favorite Sunbonnet Sue. I know Alex loves Sunbonnet Sue”

Alex says, “The day I make one, just check me into the home. . . sorry if I offended anybody”

"Some of them are fun, some Sunbonnet Sue quilts are really great,” Ricky counters.

They continue on talking about other things.

I don't know of any other quilt pattern that takes the abuse that the "Sunbonnet Sue" pattern takes. When I started ten years ago, frankly I wasn't sure if the website would be well received or not. Of course the quilting community has welcomed our patterns and Sunbonnet Sue information with open arms.

I just don't understand why people dislike the pattern so much. You think someone who is an industry leader in promoting all things concerning quilts would be a little more diplomatic.

That's my thought for the day.

Kim Bunchuck


aussiequilter said...

how dare she Kim!SBS reflects everything pure,innocent and simple and her big sister Belle shows elegance and beauty in a world full of chaos,violence and pretencious.Keep up the good work. cheers Teri

Anonymous said...

That was a most insensitive remark for a quilter to make. There are a lot of us quilters who love the sunbonnet sue and overall bill patterns. I think she owes us an apology. Thanks for being there
FOR us Kim. Sue in GA

Connie in Nebraska said...

I think the Sunbonnet pattern is great. I have who knows how many patterns of Sunbonnet Sue. I have a quilt started also that includes Sam. The quilt that is commonly called "Drunkards Path" is the pattern that my grandmother made a quilt from and she called it the "Snowball" quilt. I like her snowball quilt pattern (which is the same as the drunkards path) better than the octagonal one.

Anonymous said...

Sunbonnet Sue has been around for a very long time. She is a time honored character that's earned her place in quilting history. For Alex Anderson, a talented woman in her own right, to make such a cold harsh comment isn't very professional. If she doesn't like Sue comments should be kept to herself.

Cheryl said...

WHOA...Where is all this animosity coming from? I think you are all over-reacting. How many times have you been to a quilt show and not liked a quilt and were very vocal about it (and then embarrassingly moved on because the quilter was standing behind us). We all have our opinions about the quilts we like and don't like and Alex Anderson is no different than anyone else. I've been in classes where the teachers have clearly stated their dislike for a certain style of quilts or the quilting itself.
Let's not be so sensitive and realize that it is opinions that are voiced that give us pause to think about how we feel about certain subjects and had an opinion not been expressed then we've lost a chance to learn something about ourself.
Personally I love Sue and have made Sue quilts and don't feel offended in the least bit by her's just that...her opinion no matter who she is. Would you publicly chastize your fellow quild member should her opionion be different than yours.
Piecefully yours,

Anonymous said...

We all have different quilt tastes. Alex insulted the type of quilter that makes a Sunbonnet Sue pattern as much as she insulted the design. "Just put me in the home" - as if only old, infirmed people make Sunbonnet Sue quilts.